Why Planning is a God Thing

Planning get’s a bad rap in Christendom.  Many people feel like if they make and follow plans, they aren’t trusting God.

Occasionally, people use “praying about it”, or “seeking the Lord” as excuses for giving into fear and laziness.

Sometimes, when we are unsure of how to proceed with something on our hearts, we might go to a friend or spouse for counsel and hear the words, “Just pray about it.  God will show you His will.”

While that is true in theory, in practice it doesn’t get us all the way to the goal line.  We actually have to move to get to where God is leading us.  And planning our moves actually honors God.  Planning is a God thing.




Planning Brings Glory to God

We bring glory to God when we make plans.  How?  God is a planner.  God has had a plan in place for mankind since before He formed the world.  God had a plan for your life before you were a twinkle in your Daddy’s eye.

God is a planner.  And when we plan, we imitate God.  Imitating God brings glory to Him.  Bringing glory to God is our primary reason we are still here on earth.

Partner with God in Planning

There are plenty of examples of “planners” in scripture. Joseph was put in charge of Potiphar’s house, Pharoah’s prison,and eventually Pharoah’s kingdom.  That required planning.  In fact, Joseph’s planning saved a whole nation of people from starvation.

Esther planned out her appeal to the king for the lives of her people.  Yes, she fasted and prayed, but she also planned out how to approach the king, the two dinners for Haman, and the solution to save her people from utter destruction.

Nehemiah planned the work to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.  Yes, he prayed for four months, but while he was praying, he was also planning.  So when the king asked him what he needed, Nehemiah was able to lay out in detail the trip to Jerusalem complete with timelines and resources required.

Each of these heroes of our faith planned.  They prayed and trusted God, but they also planned.  In fact, they partnered with God in their planning.

If you have ever felt guilty for planning your future, stop!  Planning is not a sin.  Trusting only in your plans is suspect though.

There are plenty of time we make plans without ever praying and then ask God to bless our plans.  This is not planning in a way that glorifies God.  Each of the examples from scripture mentioned above prayed and then planned.

Hold your Plans Loosely

You may be asking, “What happens if I pray and plan and then it doesn’t go as planned?”  Join the club, I say.

We’ve all been there.  We prayed, planned, and the plans fell through.  Usually this is the result of clinging too tightly to our plans.

Don’t be married to your plans.  Be flexible to God’s leading.  Allow God to take your plan and morph it into something even better.  Just because your plan didn’t go as planned doesn’t mean you quit planning.  Just hold your plans loosely, that’s all.

What about you?

Have you ever thought of planning as a way to glorify God?

Do you partner with God in your planning, or try to fly solo?

Are you clinging so tightly to your own plans that you get discouraged when things don’t go as planned?

What are you planning right now?